Coronavirus Australia App

29th March 2020

The Australian Goverment has released a mobile device App for Apple and Android. It is called Coronavirus Australia.

If you cannot find the App in GooglePlay, use the link above.
Coronavirus WhatsApp Channel

29th March 2020

The Australian Goverment now has a WhatsApp Channel for COVID-19 information.

Use the WhatsApp Channel link above from within your device.
How to Protect Yourself & Others

You should only follow instructions and directions given by official and competent agencies.

Comply fully with those instructions or directions. If unsure about an issue, seek further information or clarification from a competent source.
Maintaining Situational Awareness

To maintain situational awareness, you must actively seek and verify information from multiple sources.

Be keenly aware of your information sources, their knowledge (authoritative and informed as opposed to simply casual or uninformed opinion), and their intent in providing information.

Rumour, speculation, misinformation, disinformation (including conspiracy theories) will only generate unnecessary concern, fear and stress. These types of informational corruptions will detract from rational measures being taken, or that will be taken for your own and everybody else's protection.

Immediate Interest

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